We loved the outdoors so much that for 7 years we ran an outdoor store in South Carolina, sharing with others places to go, gear to use, and tips and tricks to make it all easier. When the recession got bad, we shut the doors and went back to normal jobs during the week, but still spending our weekends in the great outdoors. We're starting Shooks Camp Here as a way for us to continue sharing everything we've learned, the places we love to go, and the adventures that happen along the way. 


There's a joke by Jim Gaffigan that "camping was a tradition in everyone's families until we invented the house". While that's true, even after the house had been around for hundreds of years my Great-Great-Grandparents loaded up a car with gear and headed west to Yellowstone. Subsequent generations have been backpacking along the Appalachian Trail, kayaking in Florida, fly fishing in Montana, beach combing in Maine, and hiking in Oregon.